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US to not put 10 percent tariffs on certain Chinese furniture, modems

Donald J. Trump

Date: 17th August 2019

The Trump administration told reporters on Friday that it would not put certain China-made products under the upcoming rounds 10 percent tariffs. These products include baby items, household furniture and modems.

The US Trade Representative published the list which mentioned all the items that were excluded tariffs. Chinese products worth $300 billion have been facing tariffs from the US administration. The tariffs would be effective from September 1 and December 15. 

US President Trump postponed most upcoming tariffs to December of this year. He explained that the move was to safeguard the business in the Christmas season.

A new list has been released which contains 44 different categories of items that have been excluded from upcoming import tariffs. The goods value about $7.8 billion, the US Census Bureau informed. Reports said that religious texts would also not be included in the tariffs.

Most of the products that have been excluded from the import tariffs include furniture products like wooden and metal-framed chairs. Besides that, toddler beds, cradles, children’s seat and other such baby-related furniture has also spared. 

The retail furniture industry, which is worth $114 billion, has suffered a lot under the tariffs put up by the Trump administration. The rise in prices was pushed up further as tariffs increased to 25 percent in May. 

There was a 0.4 percent rise in the price index for household furnishings, as reported by the US Labor Department on Tuesday. The department added that the increase in the price index has contributed to the already increasing prices for consumers in July. Household furnishings prices have risen for the third consecutive month.

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