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“Tyler Cameron” cleared his throat for his relationship with “Gigi Hadid”. Says, “We’re just friends”!!!

24 year old model Gigi Hadid has been in news for a while after she was seen with Tyler Cameron in her grandmother’s funeral in Netherlands. However the two have never opened up about their relationship.

But they have been seen in multiple times together out on roads, and places and so on. Fans are anticipating their relationship. After giving Hadid broke up with ex boyfriend Zayn Malik she was seen multiple this ex Bachelorette contestant Tyler Cameron.

But fans are going to be disappointed after what Tyler Cameron told. He said that there is nothing more than friendship between him and Gigi Hadid.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, he said: ‘We’re just friends. I mean… that’s just where we’re at,’ before going on to suggest there is still a possibility of a romance.Our relationship doesn’t need to be public. She’s good people, she’s an amazing person and we’re just keeping it friendly.’

Their romance came out shortly after Cameron Was out of the show “Bachelorette” . Many reporters and photographers saw the couple (claiming to be friends), photographed them on multiple Times. Commendable, Cameron also supported Gigi in Tommy Hilfiger New York Fashion Week Show.

On the other hand Cameron says that he is still single and he doesn’t want to make any official dating things into public, he has dated publicly and he will try to date in private but he is still not in love with anyone as such.

Most of the critics and fans are anticipating that the link up with Gigi hadid’s name to Tyler Cameron is just to enhance the fan following of Cameron, but the duo have cleared the air. Tyler has been an Aspiring model since “Bachelorette”. Let’s see what the friendship turns out.

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