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Porsche To Integrate Apple Music In Its Sports Car

Apple carplay in prosche

All eyes are on Porsche as it prepares itself for the launch of its latest all-electric sports car. Speculated to be called, ‘Taycan,’ there are rumours circulating online that suggest that the vehicle will – for the first time ever – will come integrated with Apple Music. Reports further suggest that the application is expected to be offered to the users as a stand-alone app that will come installed in the car. 

The latest announcements are directly in alignment with the automobile manufacturer’s recent attempts to renew emphasis on digital entertainment in all of its cars. It also further confirms that Porsche will indeed be in a partnership with the Cupertino technology giant. With Taycan, it will be the first time that Apple Music will be integrated in one of the Porsche vehicles. However, that doesn’t mean that the partnership initiative between the two giants ends with just the music service being integrated.

Porsche (North America) Chief Executive Officer, Klaus Zellmer, in a statement to TechCrunch, revealed that Apple will be bringing the look and feel of an iPhone through its integration in the sports vehicle. He referred to ‘Apple CarPlay,’ as an in-car platform that will be accessible to the users at the car’s central screen. Going forward, he further added, the service will be available in all of the Porsche vehicles. The list will obviously be including Taycan as well. Since the roll-out of Apple CarPlay has not taken place entirely, it is eventually expected to take place, following which, it will be available in rest of the Porsche line-ups as well. The company intends on providing the “same bandwidth” in terms of services to all of its customers. 

Apple Music is good but did you know you can also watch and stream free movies in your Porsche Taycan.

However, as of now, the initiative merely means that Taycan owners will receive the opportunity to enjoy the millions of songs available through Apple Music. Through this application, they will also get access to Beats 1 live-streamed radio station as well as customised playlists. The vehicle’s touchscreen situated right in the centre, is definitely going to be enabling the users to make the most of it. They can also use the voice assistant as well. 

This certainly is good news for Apple, as the integration will allow them to increase the number of users that they have. They also are in the limelight for inking a partnership with a luxury brand such as Porsche. At the same time, this partnership is beneficial for Porsche as well, as they will be able to offer their users with the ability to seamlessly sign up and pair their Apple devices up with their vehicles. This would enable the users to enjoy the music content that they most like. 


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