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Daimler CEO resign from the position after 13 year

zetsche daimler CEO

Earlier today, Zetsche, the CEO of Daimler handed off his position in the company after 13 years. This comes after the automaker faces challenges in the transition from gas vehicles to electric vehicles.

On Wednesday, Daimler’s shareholders applauded him at the company’s annual meeting held in Berlin. The applause was so long that the CEO had given time out a sign with an embarrassed smile.

Ola Kallenius would be the successor for the new role and is currently the head of development in Mercedes Benz.

Ola’s major role in the company would be to get electric vehicles to higher production capacity and also find new ways for the consumer to get around via a smartphone application.

The automaker’s shareholders gave approval for the company to run its car, van, truck, and bus as an independent business. The company business would be all come under the Daimler AG which would participate in the overall strategy for the automaker.

At the shareholders annual meeting, Zetsche stated that the group’s new division would help them respond faster to the ever-changing demands of customers. He added that it would lead to better engage in partnership with other companies.

Automakers from around the world have been tieing up with tech companies to get new technology into their vehicles.

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