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Boeing confirms that it has made software changes to its 737 Max jets


On Friday, 17th May, Boeing’s spokesperson said that it has made changes and corrections in its 737 Max jets software simulator after the company’s jets were involved in two fatal crashes. Boeing has provided with instruction manual and additional information to its device operators of the 737 max jets.

Gordon Johndroe was the company’s spokesman and stated that the changes made would ensure that the simulator experience is representative across different flight conditions. He added that there would be an improvement in the force loads on the manual trim.

On Friday, the New York Times reported that the flight simulators that airlines used to train its pilots could not copy the conditions that planes faced during the crash.

Johndroe added “The company is closely working with regulators and manufacturers to make improvement and changes which would ensure piolet training is not disrupted”

Boeing does not build the flight simulator, however, they provide the underlying information on the build, design, and software

The 737 MAX was grounded after the second fatal crash of Ethiopian Airlines which killed 157 passengers and the first one was of a Lion Air flight which killed 189 passengers.

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