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Bitcoin moves above the $8000 mark with a market cap of over $143 billion


Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency and the largest by market cap went above $8000 its resistance level and to $8084, according to coinmarketcap, a leading cryptoanalyst. The coin has been moving up in price over the last few weeks and on Sunday Bitcoin rallied from $7250 to over $8100.

According to the chart in CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin has been trading at $8050 at press time. Bitcoin achieved a market cap of over $143 billion. In the last 24 hours, the coin has seen a trading volume of over $23 billion. Over the last week, the Bitcoin has seen a growth of over 11.99%.

Bitcoin had a bull run over the last 10 hours and went up by 12% while the next resistance level is marketed at $8,300 after which it could rise up the $9000 mark. The cryptocurrency has been highly traded on BitMEX with its VBT/USDT pair and the exchange reported a $4.22 billion trading volume for the pair.

The google searches on the word Bitcoin went up, according to a report from Cryptoglobe which was previously seen in February 2018.

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